Shrinkwrap Framing

Save money and preserve the value of your poster

There are several ways to display your favorite poster, however the cost of framing can be very expensive and having your poster mounted through the plaquing process will make your poster worthless. The best way to display your poster is through shrink wrap framing. This type of display is not only cost effective, it will ensure your poster remains flat and protected against dirt and smudges. Shrink wrapping is also ideal for large posters like 40×60’s or three sheets, as the finished product is relatively light-weight compared to a bulky wooden frame and a huge piece of glass. To shrink wrap a poster you take a thick piece of flat cardboard and cover the edges with two types of tape. The standard colour is black, but alternative colours can be used depending on your taste. The poster is then secured to the cardboard using small pieces of tape or a spot of glue in each corner. You then put the poster board in a bag made of thin plastic film. The film is than melted with a heat gun until it is stretched air tight (the gun never gets hot enough to burn paper). At this point a hook is fastened to the back and the poster is ready to hang on the wall. The finished product is a light, durable framed poster that presents very well. If at any time in the future you want to sell or replace the poster, you can simply cut the plastic and remove it. There is no glass or wood to discard and perhaps most importantly, the cost is a fraction of traditional framing and the poster is not mounted, so the value is preserved. Here are a few examples of shrink wrapped posters.